Jack Simon

General Manager and Residential Sales Manager

With over 18 years of entrepreneurial and management experience, Jack is responsible for the ongoing healthy growth and financial health of our company. The fabulous blend of his meticulous management style, keen foresight and analytical approach to issues has earned us much respect both from our suppliers and corporate clients. They are eager to deal with a well managed company like Premi-Air ClimateCare. because they are confident that we will be there in the future to service all their needs.

As Residential Sales Manager, Jack has developed systems and procedures that will ensure we are always providing the best service to our customers with the highest level of accuracy, efficiency and comfort. From maintenance and service plans to home assessment and design, all of our methods are carefully planned and executed. Jack trains, mentors and supports all of our staff to closely follow our systems and procedures for consistent superior results.

Joe Simon

Commercial Service and Installation Manager

Joe, our founder is the driving force of innovation and technology that has propelled Premi-Air ClimateCare to be one of the most respected firms in the industry. His vast expertise and experience in all areas of HVAC is simply overwhelming. With a G1, 313A, Geothermal System Designer and Installer Accreditation, Hydronics Designer, Radon Testing and Mitigation, Controls Systems, Building Code and Environmental Qualifications, there is hardly an area of the trade that Joe is not the Expert. When Global TV requires information about the HVAC industry, it is Joe who they consult with. Joe loves meeting with new people to help solve their HVAC challenges using his complete arsenal of expertise. Giving back to the industry through volunteer work, he is a Director of RMC, the industry supported organization that disposes of surplus refrigerants in an environmentally friendly manner. Always wearing a smile, Joe always has a good joke to make everyone laugh.



Rachel is first to greet all our customers who call in. With her cheerful manner, she is eager to help guide all our callers to the right person as quickly as possible. She is also responsible for the coordination of our custom comfort advisors booking schedule.


Accounts Receivable

AR hardly describes the job that Nise does. She is also responsible for arranging financing on behalf of our customers and registering and processing all warranty claims among her many duties. With her upbeat nature, caring and nurturing personality and ever present smile, she is always there to cheer up anyone who is having a hard day. Best of all are the fresh hot chocolate chip cookies she bakes for us every day.


We Care Plan Coordinator

Mrs. Durier is completely focused on caring for our customers’ individual needs. She carefully crafts just the perfect We Care plan to suit the specific needs of each and every customer. Friendly and caring, she treats each customer like family and ensures they are all properly protected.


Service Coordinator

Bob is our Service Coordinator. Bob is the one who schedules all our team members to make sure they are on schedule all the time. He also deals with all customers’ questions and concerns. After hours, if you have to call us , you’ll usually be connected directly to Bob. He will cheerfully answer your call 24 hours a day 365 days a year. In fact he sleeps with his cell phone turned on right by his bed. We do not use an answering service that has no idea who you are or what you are calling about. Bob is also a fisherman who loves cruising the lakes in his kayak. He also enjoys spending time working in his garden.


Home Comfort Specialist

Eytan is a true professional and is the key person who evaluates your home to create the best package of options for you to choose from. His caring nature and soft spoken manner are a perfect match with his expertise, attention to detail and care that will make your experience with him truly enlightening. Eytan looks at every home like it is his own and knows just what it needs for safety, health and comfort. During his visit, he will perform a thorough assessment of your home to determine exactly how much cooling and heating you need. He will explore all of your home’s features and he will ask you to share any concerns you have about your current home comfort system. This information is vital to enable him to design just the right system for your home, your family and your budget. Ask him about your Indoor Air Quality concerns and he will gladly guide you to the best affordable solutions. If air quality is important to you, ask him for a free HEPA air filtration demonstration. He will demonstrate to you exactly how many pollutants are in your home environment and show you how easy it is to remove them.