Maintenance / Protection Plans

Home Comfort isn’t Something You Should Have to Worry About

WeCare Protection Plus Plans ensure the performance of your home comfort equipment and provide the highest quality parts and labour at no extra charge. This includes an annual tune-up program and a warranty for the performance of your equipment over the next year. With WeCare Protection Plans, you can be confident your furnace, boiler, air conditioner, fireplace and other equipment will continue to provide safe and reliable comfort for years to come. Annual tune-up programs will increase the life of your equipment and can reduce your energy bills up to 10%. A certified, licensed technician will verify that your equipment is fully operable, efficient and safe, so that your air quality meets the highest standards. ClimateCare technicians are trained to follow our multiple-point quality standards checklist to identify potential problems with your heating and cooling systems. For specific plan information and rates contact your local ClimateCare Member and we’ll get back to you right away.