Premi-Air Maintenance Plan

Our maintenance plans offer you and your family long term protection, while saving you money. Premi-Air ClimateCare offers maintenance plans that suit every type of equipment in your home. Extend your equipment life and save your investment by selecting one of our affordable plans today.

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Maintenance Plan

We can’t stop equipment from breaking down, however annual maintenance can reduce the frequency of breakdowns. Regular maintenance ensures that your equipment is operating at peak efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and utility costs. When equipment is running at peak efficiency, it runs less frequently – resulting in less wear and tear and extending equipment life.

Detecting issues before they become problems

An annual maintenance inspection gives our technicians a chance to detect issues before they become problems. Most importantly, maintenance ensures that all the safety controls on your equipment are working properly to protect you and your family.

Premi-Air ClimateCare has a complete range of plans to suit your needs

Whether you have new equipment that requires annual maintenance or you are concerned with unexpected costs associated with breakdowns of your existing equipment, we have a complete range of plans to provide you with peace of mind and reliable home comfort.