Duct Cleaning

Whenever you run your furnace or air conditioner, the air that flows in your home’s duct system adds to the dust, dirt, mould, bugs, mites and other things already living in your ducts. It’s virtually impossible to prevent such “stuff” from collecting in your home’s air ducts and compromising airflow and air quality. This can affect anyone with respiratory problems, particularly asthma. It can also disrupt people’s sleep patterns and increase the frequency of illnesses in the home. With our total cleaning process we can get rid of all that debris and make your home’s air clean and healthy for your family. When we finish, we can also show you how clean your duct system is, by using remote video inspection cameras.

Benefits include:

  • allergy/asthma relief
  • dust control
  • improved air flow
  • increased mechanical efficiency
  • reduced energy costs
  • fire prevention

Air duct vent cleaning can improve air flow and air quality in your home. Learn about air duct cleaning only from the experts in ClimateCare.

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