Central Air Conditioners

For most Canadians, an air conditioner is an essential piece of equipment in their homes. But if your well-loved a/c unit is 10 years or older, it could be costing you money each month as it consumes excess energy. Thankfully, today’s technology has developed central air conditioners that are more economical and efficient than ever before – using less energy to keep you comfortable. Even if your current home cooling system is still running, it might be time to consider an upgrade. Today’s a/c units can significantly reduce your energy costs, while allowing you to enjoy all that summer has to offer with peace of mind knowing that your family will be keeping cool.

Premi-Air ClimateCare’s central air conditioning units are reliable, quiet, and are Energy Star certified. We’ll show you our top quality brand name home air conditioners, and help you decide which one suits your home and budget. With financing options available, you can have central air as soon as you need it. Let us help you make the best decision on a big investment; call Premi-Air’s experts for more information.

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