Technical advancements in the past 20 years have made new generation of boilers available to the public that are more energy efficient than ever before. The biggest difference in today’s designs is that the venting on boilers is more effective, eliminating the need for dilution air. This is important because combustion of natural gas produces by-products, including water vapour and carbon dioxide that need to be vented outside. A conventional gas boiler loses a considerable amount of heat throughout the venting process, even when the boiler is off. Modern boiler designs optimize energy efficiency as they reduce the amount of heated air that escapes, and extracting more of the heat contained in the combustion by-products before they are vented. This prevents you from losing valuable heat energy, and saves you money over the life of your boiler.

Perhaps it’s time to upgrade to an energy efficient boiler, or have your existing unit tuned up to maximize your energy savings. Whatever your boiler needs, Premi-Air ClimateCare has experts ready to help.